FFIM – [festival frei improvisierter musik]

„The FFIM was founded 1992/93 in Berlin. Since 1997 it is located at „Blaue Fabrik“ in Dresden. It is an important Part of contemporary music art in Saxony and it is one of the most importent festivals of such music in whole europe.

The succes of the FFIM is a result of the ambitionous work of the „Künstlervereinigung blaueFABRIK“ and also of the support through Saxony, City of Dresden and „Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Dresden“.
Art director of the festival is Dr. Günter Heinz, well know as the „wetware trombone“.

The FFIM is committed to contemporary music improvisation, which devoleped as alone standing musical language in europe since the 1960-years. The roots of this music come from composed contemporary music and free jazz. The composers of the 2nd Wiener Schule and musical thinking of John Cage are also importend influences.
Today european improvised music has its own traditions and the jazz-typical design principes are opened and using structures like in contemporary composed music. Misha Mengelberg used the word of „instant composing“ to desribe the character of this music.

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