26. Festival Frei Improvisierter Musik 2022

Concert locatians are:  Blaue Fabrik (concerts and workshop) and „Deutsches Hygienemuseum“ (special concert in cooperation with KlangNetz e.V.)

The FFIM is based in Dresden and. Art director oof the FFIM is Dr. Günter Heinz. He was also a founder of the „Künstlervereinigung blaueFABRIK“ in 1996 and so the Blaue Fabrik is the most important location of the FFIM all the years.

In 2022 the FFIM shows a very interesting programm:  in addition to proven and well-known Dresden musicians such as Karoline Schulz, Sabine Grüner and Max Loeb, internationally renowned artists. The highlights are certainly the appearances of the Dutch language artist Jaap Blonk (for the first time in Dresden for 10 years) and the Swiss wind duo Markus Eichenberger/Christoph Gallio (in October). Furthermore, a new production of „the wetware trombone“ is on display in the German Hygiene Museum experience: [ WAVE_SCAPE ] with Günter Heinz, Vasily Ratmansky and Jo Siamon Salich.

The FFIM 2022 is supported by City of Dresden, Amt für Kultur- und Denkmalschutz. We also thanks the „Sparkasse Dresden“ for supporting.

Agenda 2022

27.11.21 19 Uhr „… frei sein“ Musik Philosophie Perfomance nach Hannah Arendt

„… frei sein“ Musik Philosophie Performance zum Begriff der Freiheit [...]

20.10.22 Schweizer Abend

"Schweizer Abend" Markus Eichenberger  / clarinets Christoph Gallio /  saxes [...]

19.09.22 [ WAVE_SCAPE ] – Konzert-Performance

[ WAVE_SCAPE ] eine Konzert-Performance von the wetware trombone in [...]

11.09.22 Workshop & Workshopkonzert

FFIM 2022: Workshop & Konzert Ort: Blaue FabrikBeginn 11 UhrKonzert [...]

10.09.22 Jaap Blonk (NL) & Günter Heinz

Jaap Blonk & Günter Heinz Ort: Blaue Fabrik, Eisenbahnstraße 1, [...]

09.09.22 „Dresdner Abend“

„Dresdner Abend“ mit Karoline Schulz, Sabine Grüner und Max Loeb. Ort: [...]